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Are you on the journey to being Outstanding?

What plans do you have in place to evidence the continual drive to service improve, to challenge, to advance and deliver the highest quality of care and support?

Are you prepared for the journey to become an Outstanding service provider and it is a journey, a fulfilling one with challenges, highs and lows but the benefits are numerous for everyone; customers, staff, stakeholders, everyone can have a positive impact on and be part of the journey.

The regulatory environment is changing. Care Quality Commission (CQC) are in the process of introducing their Transitional Regulatory Approach, in advance of the launch of their future strategy in 2021 focusing on the continued risks presented by the pandemic and then broadening their approach further, to increase monitoring of safety, access, cultures and leadership, with the experience of the people being a significant driver of the revised regulatory approach.

Over the coming weeks, I am going to be sharing thoughts, ideas and highlights for you to include in your service improvement plans to evidence your journey to becoming or maintaining the rating of being an Outstanding care provider.

What does Outstanding actually look like? Do you, your leadership teams, wider staff teams, customers, stakeholders all know and have an understanding of the characteristics of an Outstanding care provider, what it means to be an Outstanding organisation and what are the benefits are of being Outstanding an outstanding provider?

All team members, wider support networks and the wider community all need to be included and impact on the journey to Outstanding. Exciting times for sure!

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