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The Regulation World of Health and Social Care is Changing……for the better

CQC were established as an independent regulator with a clear purpose: to ensure health and care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and to encourage those services to improve. Has this been and does this continue to be delivered across the industry?

The world is constantly changing and evolving and all regulators need to respond to these changes, especially in light of the pandemic and the outcomes that have affected literally everyone across the globe. CQC are taking this opportunity to continue to evolve their approach to regulation, while remaining sensitive and keeping people and communities at the centre of the strategy.

Positive, creative, innovative solutions are required to promote the highest quality of care, positive experiences and promoting equality for all. Promotion and reflection of up-to date quality ratings, developing positive partnerships with all providers, stakeholders and customers and a supportive regulatory framework driven by a focus of a consistent approach to service improvement will have a positive impact but to what degree? Will the strategy go far enough and will the regulatory changes be brave and sweeping enough to implement the much needed changes to how the industry is regulated and quality rated?

CQC are making changes to the way they regulate so that the strategy and the regulatory framework are more responsive, relevant and has positive outcomes for everyone. Effective consultation methods have been undertaken across the past few months, to ensure that the regulator can embrace feedback so providers, stakeholders and customers are able to positively influence the changes.

The CQC draft strategy sets out core ambitions for the next 5 years including health and care services working together to meet the needs of local populations and individuals.

To reduce inequalities, to embrace change, enable and implement positive change for all.

The proposed strategy is built on 4 key themes:

  • People and Communities

  • Smarter Regulation

  • Safety Through Learning

  • Accelerating Improvement

The core ambitions of CQC’s new strategy are:

  • Changing people’s lives for the better

  • Health and care services working together as a system to deliver the highest of quality care and support

  • To meet the needs of the local population and of each individual person.

  • Assessment of people’s care must look at every stage of their care and support journey through the health and care system, it is no longer possible to assess single provider service models in isolation

  • Understanding where digital services and solutions can meet and exceed people’s needs and improve their outcomes and implement effective ways of digital regulation

  • Reducing inequalities in people’s outcomes so everyone has access to safe, high quality care

  • Reduce inequalities, elimination of discrimination and the protection of human rights while supporting health and social care providers and systems to deliver the highest quality of care

People and Communities

CQC are aiming for their new strategy, regulatory framework and approach to be driven by people’s experiences and what they expect and need from health and care services. CQC will focus on what matters to the public, and to local communities, when they access, use, and move between services, working in partnership and working together for positive outcomes for all.

  • Committed to changing people’s lives for the better, individually, as part of their health and social care journey and as part of a wider community

  • Listening and acting on consultation and feedback

  • Empowering people to drive forward improvement and change

  • Prioritising people and communities

Smarter Regulation

The new approach to regulation and assessment is aiming to be flexible and dynamic, responding to change with the aim of reviewing quality more regularly and moving away from time-framed inspection regimes. A risk-based approach will be implemented and a variety of inspection techniques will be employed.

  • Targeted, flexible and dynamic approach

  • Making it easy for everyone to feedback on care and support

  • Future proof and focused on what matters to people and their communities

  • Effective use and benefits of digital solutions leading to better outcomes

Safety Through Learning

CQC want all services to have stronger safety cultures, so people are protected and risks are minimised. A real focus will be on learning, expertise and listening and acting on people’s experiences and taking relevant action if safety does not improve.

  • The importance and creation of open safety cultures

  • Building expertise and focus on learning

  • Regulating safety and taking action if safety is compromised

  • Consistent oversight and support and driving forward improvements

Accelerating Improvement

CQC are aiming to do more to support the driving forward of service improvements across both individual services and systems of care and support, while empowering services to help themselves through collaboration and strengthening relationships with people and partners

  • Collaboration and increased partnership working

  • Driving forward service improvements

  • Encouraging Innovation and sharing good practise

  • An informed approach to regulation based on evidence


The Health and Social Care regulatory world is changing, with a real emphasis on people, communities, safety, equality, collaboration, partnership working and positive cultures which really are the bedrock of any positive and forward-thinking organisation.

Be part of the new world and be part of the Health and Social Care regulatory revolution. Embrace change, embrace innovation and above all else embrace the continued strive for service improvements leading to improved customer, stakeholder and staff experiences and journeys. Changes are imminent and the new regulatory world will certainly be an interesting world to be part of over the coming months and years.

Xceed Care specialises in the development and implementation of Quality Assurance Frameworks and Service Improvement action plans and quality reviews. If you need any further advice and guidance on the regulatory Transitional Monitoring Approach and proposed new CQC Strategy, please do contact me/Xceed Care for further information.

Xceed Care Compliance can assist Care and Support Providers to implement bespoke and specialist Quality Compliance and Business Assurance solutions for a range of services across both the regulated and non-regulated Adult Social Care sector. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail if you have any requirements and wish to chat anything through.

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