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When I am working with clients on their service improvement plans, the importance of investing in all staff team members runs through the core of every aspect of service delivery. I always say without a dedicated staff team there is no service to deliver and without a trained, supported, motivated, driven and knowledgeable staff team, delivering good and outstanding services cannot be guaranteed, on any level.


Skills for Care research states that in 2019, the estimated turnover rate of directly employed staff working in the adult social care sector was 30.8%, equivalent to approximately 440,000 leavers over the year and it is estimated that 7.8% of the roles in adult social care are currently vacant, equal to approximately 122,000 vacancies at any time.

With the increasing demand for Adult Social Care services, the need for motivated, skilled team members is ever more prevalent. The population aged 65 and above is projected to grow by 36% by 2035. If the workforce grows at the same rate, then an additional 580,000 jobs will be required to meet this demand.


The second phase of the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) adult social care recruitment campaign is helping to identify a new generation of potential staff sources, promoting employment opportunities and providing advice and information in addition to practical tools and resources to help with recruitment activities. Have a look at the initiative, it may assist with your own recruitment drive.

Safe staff recruitment and effective retention of staff are key elements to a strong and reputable organisation and the benefits are numerous including;

  • Improved reputation as a care and support provider and ability to attract more clients and customers

  • Increased business opportunities, as staff become more innovative and creative in the delivery of care

  • A positive culture and where staff want to work and will recommend to others to work and live

  • Increased staff pride and motivation to deliver the highest quality of services

  • Strong and stable leadership teams driving forward service improvements

  • Staff satisfaction levels increase leading to a highly motivated staff team and desire to deliver high quality care services

  • An increased staff retention rate and decrease in staff turnover, leading to less impact on staffing budgets

  • Consistent, supported, confident and skilled staff team members who have the knowledge to respond effectively to the needs of clients and customers

  • Lower levels of staff absenteeism, less impact on staffing budgets

  • More appeal to clients, their families and wider support networks, attracting a potential wider pool of clients and customers

Investing in staff is an essential factor for good and outstanding organisations and a holistic and innovative approach needs to be taken from the point of recruitment, through induction and probation and onto a continuous embedded cycle of supervision and support.

  • Recruitment - Commence the investment process in staff from the point of recruitment and invest in robust, safe and values-based recruitment processes, use social media platforms to connect and engage with the right people for the right job roles

  • Induction – Implement a robust and supportive staff induction process, support all new staff and make sure they have a detailed induction plan to follow and complete while being constantly supported through the whole process

  • Probation – Implement a robust probation period so the necessary checks can be made to ensure the right people have been recruited into the right jobs for them and the service

  • Training, Mentoring and Support – Implementation of a robust training, mentoring and support schedule that is monitored not only for completion but also to check on staff competencies, skills, abilities and impact to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of care and support

  • Buddy Support System – Implement a peer support system for all staff, someone to support, guide, instruct and be there when needed

  • Formal and Informal support mechanisms through regular supervisions and other consultation and engagement forums


Staff team members through effective consultation, engagement and involvement need to play a key role in being able to positively influence service delivery. The implementation of initiatives such as identifying Staff Champions for all operational areas is a positive action to take. Ensure that all staff team members know exactly what expected of a Staff Champion, how a staff member is identified for a specific role through recognising staff talent and for employers to give structure and information on the expectations of the role. Staff Champions can be identified for any part of the service from Safeguarding to Equality and Diversity and Health and Safety through to Activities and Events.


Skills for Care promote that staff members are the best advert for any organisation and are able to share the great work they do through the I Care……Ambassadors initiative, for care staff to motivate people to understand more about the benefits of working in social care, they bring careers in care to life. Employers can nominate their staff to become ambassadors and can access resources.


Xceed Care Compliance’s vision is to provide bespoke care and support compliance, audit and innovative business assurance solutions and services for a wide range of the Adult Social Care services, for both regulated and non-regulated services that support and enable clients to deliver high-quality, outstanding person-centred services and the knowledge and confidence to Xceed.

Contact for more information on the range of care and support compliance and business assurance services available or ring 07795 591663 to chat through any queries or requirements that you may have.

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