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The Importance of Implementing Quality Assurance and Compliance – Life in Lockdown

We all know that life as we once knew it has changed significantly in many many ways and life since lockdown has posed many challenges, particularly for the Health and Social Care sector.

As the days pass, providers of Social Care services are finding new and innovative ways to continue to provide safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led services, meeting needs and keeping people safe and well cared for.

As we come through phase one of the crisis, it is important to continue to reflect on the regulatory requirements, to ensure that systems and processes are in place to ensure high levels of compliance and that all quality assurance measures remain effective and provide that much needed assurance for service users, staff, stakeholders and for all those responsible for the delivery of high quality services

CQC have just launched their Emergency Support Framework and have included assurance processes, monitoring and risk management in the 4 priority areas of their revised regulatory approach during the national crisis, in addition to;

· safe care and treatment

· staffing arrangements

· protection from abuse

The provider approach to quality assurance and compliance must not waiver, in fact is even more important during the pandemic to evidence the highest levels of compliance and assurance to ensure people are safe, treated with the utmost dignity and respect and well cared for. In addition to this, opportunities will arise to reassess current compliance and assurance systems and processes, to see if they meet requirements and if not, to identify what and where the gaps are and to fill them.

Over the past 3 years I have provided a range of business assurance, monitoring and quality compliance services for a range of clients across the Adult Social Care Sector and now like many other service providers, I can offer and provide virtual quality assurance and compliance services to assist Adult Social Care and Support providers to continue to meet and Xceed the regulatory requirements with an emphasis on the delivery of the highest quality of care, safety and support.

I would really like to hear from you if you need any such support, advice and guidance, particularly throughout this continued challenging period.

Thank you to all of our carers, key workers and to everyone working in front line services. You are all true heroes. 🌈

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